Engine Power Measurement : Graphic display of engine power per RPM. Compares before and after power values in case of a modification or revision.

Wheel Power Measurement : Graphic display of engine power transmission to wheels.

Torque Measurement : Graphic display of torque per RPM. Identifies maximum torque and related RPM.

Measurement of friction loss on transmission units : Graphic display of friction loss in engine power on transmission units such as gear-box, differential gear and axle.

Measurement of engine power in various norms : The air temperature, pressure and humidity at the time of measurement taking into account the values of DIN 70020, EWG 80/1269, ISO 1585, SAE J1349, JIS D1001 norms and compares with the power of the engine power meter data.

Road simulation (optional) : By applying resistance to engine performance as if the vehicle was actually on the road and detects possible failures which may arise in the future.

Tachometer Control : Detects defect ratio in tachometer and speedometer.

Double Roller Dynamometers

Single Roller Dynamometers