As Serp Auto, we have been producing the most reliable equipment in Europe and the Middle East with our solution-oriented approach for more than 15 years for the Expertiz sector.

Our company, the foundations of which were laid in Samsun in 1938, today produces Auto Expertise Measurement and Test Equipment and exports them to 14 countries. Since 2006, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of our country and the region in the field of "Auto Expertise Measurement and Test Equipment Production" by standardizing the production of Measurement and Test Equipment.

Managed by a team of engineers who are experts in their fields, Serp Auto has created its production line with an understanding targeting design and production excellence, and produces reliable and long-lasting Auto Expertise Measurement and Test Equipment thanks to its standardized production methods.


To produce innovative solutions with production quality in global standards, to be the rule maker of our sector within the understanding of honest service and quality products.


To provide maximum efficiency with high-level technology and production quality, to ensure that our valued customers have the best experience and achieve more successful results with the understanding of absolute customer satisfaction.

“We are advancing by drawing strength from our core values that we have had since 1938, the date of our establishment. These values underlie our strong commitment to both our products and our customers.”

We also offer design, engineering, project planning and consultancy services to our customers, with the principle of FULL SUPPORT, we offer both equipment and technical and strategic solution partnerships in all processes.

In addition to the automotive industry, our company has superior mechanical, electronic and software development skills; It carries out R & D studies in the defense industry, medical and food sectors, and continues to produce projects that are recognized and appreciated around the world.